Michelle Rosenthal, LMT

Since graduating from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 2006, I have been treating clients with chronic pain and stress in the Southbury, CT area. I recognize that massage therapy is necessary for healing of pain and daily stress and promoting a healthy, balanced life.

I have a deep connection to massage therapy due to my own experience with chronic pain, and understand that pain can become debilitating if you let it. I also understand how tiresome and frustrating this can be. I believe that massage therapy can be an integral part of wellness and healing.

With a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology and superb assessment skills, I am able to effectively treat not only pain symptoms, but get to the root of the client’s complaints, treating them with the goal of overall healing (not just a temporary “band- aid” solution).

I take a holistic approach in understanding the human body and use a variety of modalities and techniques from a broad range of wellness therapies. I have been able to maintain a well-rounded practice while continuing to further my education and new massage techniques.

I provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment, using compassion and skills to help with each client’s healing process.